The Foundation had the honor of assisting the following families with their financial burden while undergoing treatment at Jefferson University Hospital:

Derek was diagnosed with an aggressive form of non-Hodgkins Burkitts Lymphoma in February 2016; he is unable to work for several months while undergoing treatment. Derek has three young children: 8 yrs., 6 yrs., and 15 months old. The Foundation is proud to provide payment for a pool membership and swim lessons for the kids this summer.

Suzanne was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer stage IIIB in May 2015. She had to leave her full-time teaching position to receive treatment at Jefferson. The foundation has helped her with child care expenses for her young children.

This beautiful single mom has breast cancer, and I personally know her. The Foundation was able to assist her with school tuition and basketball fees for her young children. It’s not every day I get to help someone who I know, and it makes fulfilling our mission all the more meaningful. Colette, you have a beautiful soul and you will beat cancer. 💪🏻 SEANstrong has your back!

Rachel, a 43 year old mother of four children ages 7 through 16 years was able to enroll her kids in their local YMCA summer camp through the help of the Foundation while undergoing chemotherapy to treat her breast cancer.

Galit, a 43 year old busy mom of 5 and 6 year old girls undergoing chemotherapy treatments for colorectal cancer.  We helped her with financial assistance for childcare expenses and peace of mind that children were taken care of in her absence.

Denise, a 46 year old mom with 4 children between the ages of 5 and 12 with breast cancer undergoing numerous rounds of chemotherapy, two mastectomies and radiation twice a day for 39 treatments.  The Foundation helped her with babysitting costs.  Mom relied heavily on a babysitter to get her kids to and from school.  The foundation was able to assist with those babysitting costs.

Mark, a 42 year old father diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia received a bone marrow transplant in June.  The Foundation was able to send his three children to camp this summer during his treatment and recovery.

Lorriena, a 35 year old single mom of three children diagnosed with lymphoma struggling to balance chemotherapy treatments and caretaking responsibilities.  The Foundation was able to help send her children to camp while she was undergoing treatment during the summer.

Christopher, a 45 year old father with acute myeloid leukemia recently received a bone marrow transplant.  His wife was able to visit him in the hospital without having to worry about childcare for their two children, ages 6 and 12. Camp fees were paid by the Foundation.

Jennifer, one of our latest recipients is a teacher and single mother of two beautiful girls, pictured with her daughters during treatment.

Messages from those we’ve helped:

OMG, thanks so much for the support

I’m gleaming from ear to ear and crying at the same time.

It’s such a relief that my children are going to keep up with what they love and knowing the support they have means the world to me.

I will take care of what Lisa needs and get it out to her for the activities she needs now and whatever comes up for the gym and basketball and the YMCA.

Sincerely thank you Patty!

This journey has been tough however I have been extremely blessed. In one of the most challenging times in my life dealing with stage 4 Cancer I am introduced to Mary O is what they call her. She came at such a appropriate time to assist me in anyway she could as I
received chemo treatments. Well, she connected me with the Sean Strong foundation and I was approved for assistance with childcare/camp fees for this 2018 summer. They covered all of my expenses which included camp shirts, trips, lunch, and snacks. It was a blessing and my children had an amazing summer. I want to thank Mary Oleksiak and the Sean Strong Foundation for their assistance and support. It means everything when you have a village behind you. I will never forget your kind charity, support and love as I heal.

Thanks from me, Kris and Nylah.

If it was not for the SEANstrong foundation, this patient may not have been able to complete her treatment course as recommended by her providers. The assistance your organization provided to arrange for childcare services gave her a chance to breathe knowing that she had a comfortable plan for her child on the days she needed supervision so that she could focus on getting through her cancer treatment. The patient successfully completed her treatment without missing a single day and we cannot thank you enough for the support you offered this patient and her family. This organization and the assistance you provide is life-saving, to say the least.

Hello from the Sarcich family, a family that the Sean F. Hogan, Sr. Foundation helped at time when we were at our most fragile and in the most need. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2016. I didn’t know how we would handle the medical bills alone but add to that the need for care for our then third grader Anna, something I was responsible for. SeanStrong stepped to our side and helped us with a grant that just meant the world to us. It gave us breathing room. It gave us strength. To have someone come to our aid as you did was like having a friend walk with us on this unbelievably challenging journey.And honestly, the anxiety I was dealing with was monstrous and all centered around our daughter. How would we get her through this? Your grant helped to calm some of that anxiety for me and made it more manageable.Today, I am NED and doing well. Still dealing with post cancer
anxiety. It is a process but I’m working on it. And Anna is doing fabulous as a fourth grader who can’t wait for summer vacation — all normal childhood things. I love being able to write that. 🙂

Thank you so much for all that you do. Not just for us. For the community. The need is real. And you make such a difference.